I have worked in digital strategy and development for over 20 years, with a speciality in education and technology. Currently I work as a consultant: I help organisations and investors around the world find their strategies and execute them, mostly in education and learning. Right now I am spending the majority of my time advising adaptive learning pioneer Area9.

Until mid-2016 I was Head of Business Insights for one of the largest media organisations in the world, the Holtzbrinck Publishing Group, where I managed a thought leadership, market intelligence and internal strategy consultancy team for the board. Previously, I imagined, created and managed a series of high-profile and cutting-edge software development companies and projects in education markets around the world, including co-founding a startup which raised £3m of venture capital in the 2000 “dot-com” boom and survived, executive producing major digital learning projects for the BBC, and putting the Complete Works online for the Arden Shakespeare.

This site is a home for my ongoing thinking about how education, technology, business and the media are evolving and might get better.

I am fascinated by creating better forms of capitalism and investment, which look to the long term, consider all stakeholders, and have measurable social impact. I am particularly interested in solving problems around education, employability and the “skills gap“, which are simultaneously an enormous challenge and a vast opportunity.

With acknowledgements and in a few cases delightful debate, I find professional inspiration in the work of Eric Ries, Evgeny Morozov, Tim Brown and Sandy Speicher at IDEO, Fred Wilson, Audrey Watters, Charles Fadel, Todd Rose, the e-Literate team, Esther WojcickiUlrik Christensen, Stefan Leuthold, Daniel Kahneman, Ed Catmull, Ricardo Semler, Benedict Evans, the Enders Analysis team and many others.

I am also a husband & dad; and fan of the outdoors, good food, culture and the world’s diversity.

You can find out more about me via my LinkedIn profile and my Twitter feed. There’s a podcast chaired by me here.